How to make a loft ladder | DIY Guide

A loft ladder is a type of staircase that is typically used as an outdoor or indoor means of accessing a loft space or attic. The loft ladder is usually made of wood. It is either painted or left the natural color of the wood. The attic ladder must be the type with a square platform at the top where you stand to reach the attic.

Building a loft ladder is one of the easiest things. A loft ladder is very convenient to use & can be used on a daily basis. It is also a safer option to use while climbing on heights within the household.

This article will explore the basic construction and design of such a ladder, as well as some safety considerations for those who are contemplating building their own.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lofts are the perfect place to store all your stuff, but not if you can’t get up there! The good news is that sometimes they are easier to access.  However, our original loft ladder was too short, not wide enough or sturdy enough.  We came up with a solution that looks great and is also easier to use than the previous one we had.

The advantage to using a loft ladder is that it is easy to install and provides good access to the loft. It also doesn’t take up much space and it’s easy to move around.

The disadvantage is that it can be dangerous for toddlers and children because they may not understand the dangers of climbing an unstable staircase.

loft ladder

How to make a loft ladder?

One thing should be kept in mind while making a loft ladder is it should be sturdy, easily accessible & comfortable as well. So here we are with loft ladders plan & we are definitely going to guide you step wise, so here are the steps :

  • Step 1

The very first step while making a ladder is to measure the exact size of the ladder that we are planning to make. This can be done by considering the measurements of some other ladder similar to the one that we are going to make.

Or we can measure the exact size for that but first  of all we are required to measure the distance from the ground. Then add 12 inches to  it which will help us to get the exact measurement for the ladder.

  • Step 2 

The next after the measurement will be to cut the side rails for the ladder. After that we can proceed towards the rungs of the ladder. But before that we need to decide how many rungs will be required for the ladder and make the arrangements according to the rungs of the ladder

The approximate distance between rung and the other one will be about 10 inches. After that the total length of the ladder should be divided by ten, thereby we can determine the exact number of the rungs required for the ladder.

After that we will be required to make the cuts according to the measurements we & this must be done very carefully.

  • Step 3 

The last but not the least step will be to attach the rungs that have been cut out. And is the measurement is about 2*4 , the rungs would be 4*18. Then the rungs are needed to be attached to the sidebar of the ladder.

Arrange the rungs in perfect position & then attach it to the ladder. For the purpose of attaching a strong nail or a deck screw is required, thereafter all the rungs should be fitted in the very same method.

Thereafter our ladder is ready to use, after everything is done one should check the sturdiness of the ladder for safety purposes.


Ladders can be expensive, not safe for small children. Here’s an inexpensive solution that is sturdy enough for both of us!

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