Best Ladder For Painting | Buyer’s Guide

Want to know what is the best paint ladder? The best painting ladders are those that can accompany you in different tasks. They seem to be useful in any or every situation.

A great painter has many kinds of ladders. This is why we not only need to find the best ladders online, but also research the best price and the best combination of quality and price. If you want a good set of equipment for your next DIY or professional painting job, please buy one, two or even all five of these ladders.

Whether you are renovating a white wall or adding a wall with eye-catching elements, applying a new layer of paint is a quick way to change your living space. Finding the perfect color and buying the right equipment is only half the battle. The real challenge is when applying new paint.

You can paint your house yourself or you can also hire someone to paint it for you but that can be an expensive task. This still does not mean that painting yourself will be easy even if you are saving money when you are scared of heights. But with the right equipment, you can efficiently do the job! Perhaps, nothing is more important than getting the right painting ladder. 

Over and over again, we see people using kitchen ladders, coffee tables, and overturned laundry baskets to try to reach the corners and edges at the top.

Besides looking silly, these DIY parenting methods are unstable and often dangerous. Shake it lightly and you will find yourself lying on the ground with paint all over your body, wondering what happened. 

As with most DIY jobs, the best way to work at heights is to buy the right ladder. Let us take a look at some of the different options of ladders you can choose from if you plan to paint your home.

We will show you what is the best paint ladder so that you can start to transform your living space too, without any hassle to reach higher or taller spaces. 

Types of painting ladder

There are different types of ladders and their functions range from changing light bulbs to climbing 40 foot to 3 story houses or commercial buildings. 

  • Aluminum multi-purpose ladders- Aluminum multi-functional ladders are ideal for any painting project as they typically fold and extend relatively high.They are lightweight, versatile, and also resistant to corrosion. Another advantage of multipurpose ladders like Little Giant and Werner is that they can be used as A frames and straight ladders. Aluminium can conduct electricity, so choose wisely.
  • Extension ladders- An extension ladder is essential to climb the second and third floors. Although platform ladders are great for painting the interior of a home, they may not be the best ladder for painting the exterior of a home.This is where our extension ladder comes in. Giving you two or three times the height of ordinary ladders, you can paint the first, second or third floor of your house without any problem.
  • Step ladders- Ladders are common in professional painters’ equipment lists because they can easily cut edges with paint and mask the ceiling. Ladders are sold in 1 or more steps, so it is convenient to use the smaller 2-3 step ladder and the higher 6-10 step ladder so that the painter can reach higher surfaces without constantly moving larger extension or multipurpose ladders.
  • Platform Step Ladders- There is one of the best painting ladders, the simple platform step ladder. These ladders are great for DIY all-rounders, but they are especially suitable for painting because they have a convenient platform where you can place paint cans, brushes, and cups.The non-conductive nature of this platform ladder will ensure that you will not be severely hit or receive a shock.
  • Wood ladders- Wooden ladders are basically in the dark ages at this point because they are heavy and get rotten. We do not recommend any of the wooden ladders because they are simply not the best tool to get the job done, although there is no harm in bringing old heirlooms into the workplace.

Recommendation for Painting step ladder 

Remember, safety comes first when climbing ladders. In addition to getting ladder safety tips, here are some quick tips to help you stay safe while climbing:

  • Place ladder on a level surface- One of the biggest mistakes people make is placing a ladder on an uneven surface. If you must place the ladder on an uneven surface, you can place shims under one side of the ladder to level it. Remember, when setting up a ladder, always step back to make sure the ladder is perpendicular to the ground.


  • Avoid concrete if possible- Putting a ladder on concrete is dangerous because when heavy objects are placed on the ladder, it is more likely to fall. When climbing to the roof, choose to place the ladder on a concrete surface covered with grass or dirt, but be sure to jump slightly on the first step so that the ladder falls evenly on the grass or ground.


  • Don’t stand on the top of a step ladder– The last step (or the top) of the ladder is not for standing. For your safety, avoid the top-most step at all costs.

Little Giant Ladders Velocity with Wheels

Little Giant Velocity is a light two-person ladder, made of special alloy, 20% lighter than any similar industrial ladder. Velocity also includes several new and innovative features, such as double pin hinges and easy-to-use rock locks for quick adjustments.

Little Giant Paint Ladders Velocity with Wheels
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Velocity can be used in many unique configurations such as 90 degree frames, extensions, ladders and together with Velocity Trestle Brackets (sold separately) to form a trestle and slab scaffolding system.

Velocity’s wide flared legs and aviation-grade aluminum structure provide an unparalleled sense of security and stability. The Little Giant Velocity is rated to support 300 pounds on both sides, making it a true two-person ladder.


  • The dimensions of this ladder si 67 x 27 x 9 inches and weighing 39 Pounds the ladder have Type IA rated which can  hold 300 lbs.
  • The ladder comes in Grey coloured and can be in multi position with A-Frame extension. 
  • The ladder meets all OSHA and ANSI standards and Comes with limited lifetime warranty. 


  • Ladder is little heavy due to its length 
  • Ladder steps are little narrow.


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Little Giant Ladders Flip-N-Lite (Aluminum)

Unlike most platform ladders that are generally designed to be inexpensive, Little Giant Ladder Systems’ FlipNLite 6 footer is designed to be safe and inexpensive. The lightweight FlipNLite can be easily opened with one hand and provides comfortable, deep steps through a huge, secure platform.

Little Giant Ladders Flip-N-Lite (Aluminum)
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With its lightweight, slim profile, and super-heavy construction (300 lb ANSI Type IA rating), FlipNLite is the perfect comfort solution while climbing for anyone from seasoned construction experts to busy DIYers.


  • The dimensions are 74.75 x 21.25 x 5.25 inches; weighing 14 Pounds
  • Type IA rated to hold 300 lbs, in size 6 feet
  • Grey colored, aluminum ladder


  • If you need a ladder to paint, there are safety switches that will secure its position
  • Smooth and easy to transport
  • Padding on rubber feet prevent slipping
  • Work Safer with These Double-Riveted Steps


  • We couldn’t find any cons for this productbuy on amazon

Plantex Platinum Foldable Aluminium Ladder

When you need a higher height to be able to access items around the house, office or garage, Plantex’s high-quality heavy-duty aluminum 4-step folding ladder is the right tool. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 150 kg, and you will feel safe and comfortable when you reach hard-to-reach places.

Plantex Platinum Foldable Aluminium Ladder
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Through these four steps, you can achieve things that were troublesome before. This comfortable four-step stool will make housework easier. Use these convenient stools to make housework less troublesome. Large steps provide a stable base, and the lightweight design makes them easy to transport from one room to another.

With a comfortable and convenient handle, the stool is easy to climb and carry. The ability to fold easily is combined with a locking mechanism to ensure safety and stability.


  • The dimensions are (L) 5 cm x (B) 56 cm x (H) 149 cm when closed; (L) 72 cm x (B) 56 cm x (H) 140 cm when opened; 
  • Weighs 7.01 Kilograms, load-carrying capacity of 150 kilograms
  • Construction is lightweight but strong enough
  • Silver colored, aluminum ladder, Made from the high-strength anodized aluminum frame.


  • Lightweight Ladders for Painting
  • Its Foldable ladders make it easy to store
  • No-marring feet protect the floor of the homeowners.


  • Not meant for heavy-duty applicationsbuy on amazon

Aluminum Work Adjustable Height Platform (Folding Stool Ladder)

It is easy to complete heavy tasks with this new folding table. This ladder can be easily added to any home with a sturdy high definition structure. It takes up very little space when folded and can be easily placed. Our products are of high quality and we enjoy your convenience as well as comfort.

Aluminum Work Platform Adjustable Height
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It can carry a weight of 330 pounds and is made in a high-grade aluminum frame. The rubber feet are non-marring, secure on concrete, wood, asphalt, or bare ground.

The simple and eye-catching design, space-saving nature when folded, and its special surface design prevent slipping. It can be used in home decoration, DIY, washing cars, cleaning windows, holding high items, painting walls, general maintenance, etc.


  • The load-carrying capacity of 330 pounds
  • Silver colored, made in high-grade aluminum frame 
  • Rubber feet are non-marring, secure on concrete, wood, asphalt or bare ground
  • Sample and eye-catching design, space-saving when folded; special surface design prevents slipping


  • Best for the child to do wall painting.
  • Anti-Slip resistant features- Tred rungs promise to keep you safely on your feet
  • Shu-Lok spur feature allows you to stay securely in place


  • Not suitable for high wall or roof painting.

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HYNAWIN Folding Lightweight Aluminum Step Ladder

This is a 4 step ladder and the frame is made of durable aluminum, which distributes the weight evenly to ensure overall stability, while the top armrest provides additional support.

Folding Step Ladder Lightweight Aluminum Home
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You can easily move this portable ladder to where you need it, such as painting walls, changing light bulbs or cleaning windows; it is very suitable for kitchens, garages, offices, shops, libraries, gardens, orchards, etc.

It can carry upto 330 pounds, and comes with built-in project tray and grooves. The slip resistant feet are made of rubber. The top rail offers extra support to the person using the ladder. 


  • The load-carrying capacity of 330 pounds, 4 step aluminum ladder
  • Built-in Project Tray to keep tools and hardware handy when working on the ladder.
  • The ladder has a groove for nails and screws.


  • Anti-slip rubber is fitted with a thick rubber tread. 
  • The ladder frames are distributed evenly for stability on top.
  • It is foldable, with a safety latch to keep it locked.


  • Its little dangerous as compared to other ladders

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Louisville FS2008 Painting Step Ladder

Louisville Ladder, 8 feet, medium fiberglass ladder has a working capacity of 250 pounds. Now, it adopts Louisville’s unique “Pro Top” design, with innovative features that can improve users’ performance in electrical and residential work.

Louisville FS2008 Painting Step Ladder
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Professional tops include magnetic trays, hardware trays, ergonomically curved fronts, drill bits and tool slots, paint bucket brackets, and tube or 2×4 brackets to increase productivity and extreme durability.

It also has an anti-pinch brace, non-slip rubber feet and a double rivet step structure, which is fixed with six large-head semi-tubular steel rivets to achieve maximum strength.

The shear strength is 30% higher than that of solid aluminum rivets to improve user safety. It meets or exceeds OSHA, CSA and ANSI standards.


  • The ladder has features for improved performance in electrical, construction, and residential jobs.
  • It includes a hardware tray, drill and tool slots, and pipe.
  • Molded Top With Handyman’s Tool Slots
  • The ladder has elegant design, smooth finish, durable and reliable ladder


  • A few users reported extreme initial stiffness before opening the ladder.

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Guide to buy best painting ladder

  • Size- Make sure that the height of the ladder is appropriate for the painting job. Many people discover after buying their ladder that theirs is a short ladder. Have the measurements upfront for the ladder as well as the space to be painted. For painting high walls outside of the house, you will require a tall A-frame ladder. For better support and stability, you can also rely on a scaffolding ladder for exterior painting jobs.
  • Weight- The ladder is reasonably heavy or light in respect to the functions they perform. When shopping on a website like Amazon, it’s best to check the specs, such as size and weight, to make sure what you’re buying would be the right choice for you. For hassle-free painting, consider a ladder that does not weigh a lot. This will ease out the entire process of painting, be less of a burden, boost efficiency and save energy. 
  • Stability- Stability is an important factor to be kept in mind. Consider if you are working in the open and a strong wind blows, knocking off your ladder. The more stable the ladder, the safer it is while painting. This gives the flexibility to paint as well as the confidence that you won’t fall off.
  • Weight capacity- Most ladders have weight restrictions and include them in the product description. You would always want your ladder to be strong enough and be able to support your weight as well as the weight of the objects you are carrying for a long period of time. For greater safety, always check the load-carrying capacity of the ladder before purchasing one. 
  • Material: The factor that ensures stability and strength of the ladder, as well as the weight load it can carry, is the material it is made of. A ladder is easy to carry only if it is light in weight, thus, consider buying an aluminum ladder. It is highly durable and lightweight. 
  • Adjustable options- Adjustable ladders eliminate the need to purchase full-time A-frame ladders and extension ladders. Instead, buy a large adjustable multipurpose ladder-like Werner or Little Giant, which can do both.
  • Portability-  Many people prefer to use a ladder at rent because they are short on storage of the ladder once their task gets accomplished. A ladder with a compact design and easy to carry is always a more convenient option. Some available options amongst the ladders in the market allow their storage under the bed, in the closet, or even in the car trunk. 
  • Step width- Some ladders have different step widths than others. Look for ladders marked “wide steps” or “large steps” for more comfortable steps. They help to maintain balance as well as are a stable option. 
  • Accessories- There are always accessories like hooks to hang the ladder from the top of the ceiling, not to mention the classic jacks and plank/platform ladders, which allow you to stand between taller ladders. In the long run, these ladder accessories make work easier. The tool tray is one of the most convenient features, allowing you to move to different paint spots more easily.
  • OSHA/ANSI approved- OSHA and ANSI are organizations that make products comply with specific standards in the workplace. It is best to use OSHA and ANSI-approved ladders because they have safety ratings.
  • Price- No one wishes to go beyond their little or large budget they have to buy a ladder. You can easily pick the best quality ladder from the market at a great price!

Each type of painting project has different tools that are best suited to that particular job. Choosing the right ladder for your project will help you improve efficiency and operation, ensure your safety, and allow you to produce high-quality results. For example, using an extendable ladder on a ladder with a high ceiling may work, but it requires it to extend dangerously into certain areas and cannot create a perfect straight cut. By using multi-level ladders, you do not need to put yourself in a dangerous position, you will be able to provide the highest quality effort for the project. Today’s best ladders are safe, well-structured, slip-resistant, and many are multi-purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fiberglass or Aluminum Paint Ladder, Which Is Better?

Fiberglass allows less electricity to pass through it and is more robust than aluminum. In most cases, fiberglass is safe to be used in the presence of live electricity, since it won’t electrocute you if ever the ladder touches a live wire. If you need a reliable ladder for outside that is configured firmly wherever set up, then aluminum is a light and more versatile option at work. It is not recommended to use the steel ladders because they are heavy and get corroded.

  • How should ladders be used safely when painting?

Choose a dry place so that the ladder does not slide. Beginners can ask a helper to hold it when painting walls or ceilings. When climbing ladders, always maintain three-point contact (two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot).

  • How big the ladder should be for a 2 story house?

In most two-story homes, this can only be accomplished by using a 28-foot extension ladder. (This 3 ‘extension rule also applies to interiors and shorter heights, such as single-story homes – you only need a shorter ladder.)

  • What ladders do painters use?

In most two-story homes, this can only be accomplished by using a 28-foot extension ladder. (This 3 ‘extension rule also applies to interiors and shorter heights, such as single-story homes – you only need a shorter ladder.)

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